Cable Inventory

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RB Reference Name Image Cat Number Qty Description
RBCABL000001 CABLE TIE 2.8 X 240MM Image not found 700-0278-6 20 Cable
RBCABL000002 CABLE 3C 1.16SM 37 /0.2 BL Image not found 006/110950 100 Cable
RBCABL000003 CABLE CLAMP A24 Image not found 700-0236-8 6 Cable
RBCABL000004 CABLE 1C 10SQMM80/0.4GRY Image not found 006/111000 50 Cable
RBCABL000005 CABLE 1C 4.7SM CABLE COPPER 1-CORE Image not found 006/110980 197 Cable
RBCABL000006 STRIP PROTECTIVE CABLE Image not found 2107403-02 1 Cable
RBCABL000007 CABLE 1C 70SM 360/0.5GRY Image not found 006/111050 100 Cable
RBCABL000008 CLAMP CABLE SIZE 28 Image not found 052/018028 10 Cable
RBCABL000009 CABLE 1.5MM SQ G KW/LW Image not found 700-0160-8 16 Cable
RBCABL000010 MOUNT CABLE TIE PANDUIT PT NO. LPMS-S8-C Image not found VM00005922 394 Cable
RBCABL000011 PLATE BASE CABLE TIE Image not found 700-0063-8 295 Cable
RBCABL000012 CABLE SLEEVING BRAIDED SIZE 12MM Image not found 700-0262-6 470 Cable